Individually unique condos

Utmost style, quality finishes, large-scaled windows that allow for an abundance of natural light, green spaces … everything has been thought out to offer you an experience that fits your lifestyle.

Artist's drawing for
reference only

Paul-William Francoeur
Partner and Interior Designer

« Our goal is to create common areas that
meet many needs and are as enjoyable in the morning as in the evening. »

A sense of belonging

Join a truly avant-garde, inclusive community, where you can build the life you’ve dreamed about. Numerous multipurpose common areas, inside and out, allow you to create unique moments surrounded by your family, your friends and even your neighbours.

« The thinking behind a project like Auguste & Louis Condominiums is, above all else, artistic. We start with raw materials that we sculpt to create shapes that let the light in. This is what gives the architecture a unique form. »

Allan Simon

Light as a primary building material

The designers offer us a beautiful mix of raw materials and clean lines. Each material has been meticulously chosen to highlight all the beauty of the light that flows freely through the windows.

Your workspace by Artopex
The Quebec-based furniture company Artopex has developed 3 teleworking spaces specifically designed for Devimco Immobilier’s units. Thus, you will be among the first to benefit from this exclusive privilege. Working from home will be more enjoyable than ever before!