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Living areas that suit your

Auguste & Louis Condominiums offers you a dynamic and upbeat lifestyle that meets all your needs. In Phase 1, you will find a spacious hall, an urban chalet, a gym and a rooftop swimming pool with a terrace and BBQ area.

Phase 2 will charm you with its magnificent lobby and its beautiful gardens on the rooftop terrace. Of course, residents of both phases will enjoy all featured amenities.

Urban chalet
Rooftop terrace
Inner courtyard
Bicycle space
Urban chalet: a place to relax
In addition to offering breathtaking views of downtown skyscrapers, the urban chalet will quickly become your favourite place to relax and socialize with friends in front of the magnificent fireplace.
Pool: a space made for relaxation
Everything breathes here! Green spaces, vegetated inner courtyard, landscaped terrace - this is your invitation to relax. Enjoy wonderful moments on the huge furnished rooftop terrace with a swimming pool and fantastic outdoor relaxation areas.
Barbecue area: savour the summer
Perfect for gatherings, this well-equipped outdoor kitchen allows you to share the pleasures of summer in good company. Let yourself be immersed in beautiful evenings gathered around the fire.
Gym: a balanced lifestyle
Push your limits in a bright, full training area that includes a dedicated stretching space. Enjoy modern facilities that let you stay in shape just steps from your unit.
Lobby: room for light
Entering the lobby of Auguste & Louis Condominiums, we immediately understand the importance of light in creating inviting spaces. Everything is designed to leave room for nature and create a welcoming space for you and your guests.
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A home garden

Phase 2 lets you enjoy a flourishing green environment thanks to its gardens located on the rooftop terrace, on the twentieth floor of the building.