An unparalleled
group of experts

Some of the best companies in the real estate industry have come together to breathe life into a project as well as a vision. In a common desire to create a unique and inviting living space in the heart of a booming neighbourhood and city, the development of Auguste & Louis Condominiums is made possible thanks to the contribution of the finest creators.

Avant garde achievements
Incomparable expertise

A leader in real estate development in Quebec for over 30 years and one of Canada’s most successful real estate developers, Devimco is making its mark by developing and realizing large-scale integrated projects and by creating exceptional living environments where people come together to live, work and play.

Comprised of a team of experts, Devimco Immobilier has a construction service, an internal sales team, a team devoted to property management, and a legal department. In addition, Devimco holds a building permit and has its own property management company.

Together, let’s dream and realize the destination of the future!

A multidisciplinary firm offering integrated services

Provencher_Roy, a dominant player in Canadian urban architecture, is now a multidisciplinary firm offering services in architecture, urban design, urban planning, interior design and sustainable development. The firm has over 300 passionate professionals working in all these sectors around Canada and abroad.

Its portfolio features remarkable accomplishments in the institutional sector as well as in science, transportation, education and mixed-use buildings combining offices, hotels and retail. For over 35 years, the group’s innovative approach to each project considers the space’s architectural and design impacts. It has an open and holistic vision of creating work integrated in modernity while being part of urban landscapes.

The firm has now been recognized with over 200 awards and distinctions.

A very important
financial backer

We all have a future to build.

In order to create living spaces that are in harmony with human values, we need leaders who share a vision for development.

The Fonds Immobilier de Solidarité FTQ forms strategic partnerships with developers to invest in profitable real estate projects that are socially responsible, generate jobs and benefit Quebec society as a whole.

It uses economic leverage to encourage the launch of projects of all sizes, across Quebec, and in all sectors: residential, office, commercial, industrial, mixed-use projects and even socio-economic infrastructure projects.

By participating financially and strategically in the success of these projects, the Fonds Immobilier demonstrates its commitment to building a better society.
We all have a Fonds de solidarité.